If you’ve got acne, dairy is the devil

For those who don’t know, I’m an acne blogger who is pretty careful (“obsessive” is a better word) about the things I eat because I do not want my severe acne to make a comeback. I avoid eating high-glycemic foods, such as sugar and white carbohydrates, and foods that cause me to have allergic skin reactions like soy. But I’m human, so I slip up every now and then and I have a piece of cake or a high-sugar fruit like a mango or pear. But there is one food that I avoid at all possible costs—almost to the point where I do not want to even touch it. That food is dairy.Epidemiological evidence proves that milk consumption has an acne-promoting or acne-aggravating effect. Dairy contains testosterone components that stimulate oil glands in the skin, setting the stage for acne. Dairy glues together dead skin cells inside skin pores, so that the cells cannot exit naturally, which leads to clogged pores.